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JVCDLANZ8R 2500 lumens, 8K e-shift X, Blu-Escent Laser, 800K:1 contrast, HDMI 2.1 8K60P, 4K120P

JVCDLANZ8R 2500 lumens, 8K e-shift X, Blu-Escent Laser, 800K:1 contrast, HDMI 2.1 8K60P, 4K120P

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JVC projectors have long been favorites with videophiles, and these new 8K-capable models are among their finest ever. The DLA-NZ8R is built with precision optics to deliver a dramatic, accurate picture. It has cutting-edge connections and a long-lasting laser light source that offers enough brightness to fill screens up to 200 inches. 

Ready for the future

The DLA-NZ8R's HDMI 2.1 inputs can support 4K at 120Hz — great for gaming on the big screen. But they are also future-ready for the next generation of content when it arrives — 8K. While the imaging chips in this projector are natively 4K, they use an upgraded version of JVC's pixel-shifting technology called e-shiftX.

To display all the pixels needed for 8K, each frame of video is divided four ways, and they flash very rapidly one after another, with the pixels shifted in four diagonal directions. Your eyes perceive it as a single fluid image containing all of the original detail in the 8K video signal — over 35 million pixels.

Exceptional contrast

Contrast and black level are the two easiest picture characteristics to see, and JVC's D-ILA-based projectors excel at both. D-ILA stands for Digital Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier. The ‘NZ8R has three D-ILA chips — one each for the red, green, and blue primary colors. When combined with JVC's BLU-Escent™ laser phosphor light source and newly designed high-contrast optical block, they produce exceptional native contrast.

Automatic HDR adjustments

HDR (High Dynamic Range) expands overall picture contrast range with deeper blacks and brighter highlights. It also makes colors pop. The DLA-NZ8R supports the HDR10 and HDR10+ formats, and automatically switches to the correct picture mode when it detects the HDR signal.

The 'NZ8R's Frame Adapt feature dynamically tone-maps all HDR10 content on a frame-by-frame basis for the best brightness, color, and detail. And JVC's new Theater Optimizer feature automatically fine-tunes the HDR based on your installation characteristics and projector settings. That means you can always count on seeing a balanced, natural-looking picture without having to fiddle with HDR settings each time. 

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